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monary, than through the remote capillary extremity of the circu-
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tion. But experiment, like faith, without works, is dead;
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graph, may have originated in my mind a misconception of the nature
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in good vinegar, performed thrice daily so as to penetrate the skin
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or integral composition or decomposition ! And yet Prof.
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deplores — with the loose speculations of Prochaska.
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much hypertrophied, the most expeditious and reliable
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folds ; this mucous membrane has the base of the cone formed by
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more closely, when coining tests for gentility ! The senior editor
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thirteen, yet I think that the record shows good reason for believing
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ling powers that is so plainly exhibited in the former experiments.
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of chronic hydrocephalus, but my proposed limits forbid the
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tailing his experiments. If this be so, it is evident that it is a
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external incision. Plastic operation to repair lip and
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just at the lumbar region, the head slightly thrown back, and a
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original position. Between these two points it could be made to
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isting discharge had disappeared and the ulcerations healed,
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of this concentrated urine, not unfrequently performs its office reluc-
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lary branches, and that its ofhce is, to receive the venous blood from
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by the condition of the stomach, from assisting nutrition in
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been made for such explorations. Why should this be ? The
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Dr. Macke recommends the following caustic as a highly useful application
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practitioner of any experience must have often observed in pneu-
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the second alternative was eliminated by finding that
It should be mentioned, as an item in the history of this case, and
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rectum then, instead of being movable on its bed of adipose or
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the sponge through the eanula if this could not be conveniently removed,
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new supplies of moisture. More particularly is this true of the
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of the most accomplished druggists. His untimely death is a severe afflic-
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and a mere watery liquid remains. In a series of experiments
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1. An inflammation of the larynx, extending into the trachea,
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ides affect the bladder, it is by absorption of the active prin-
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our own country will wake up to the importance of Aural Surgery. We