of an important and delicate organ. During the examination and
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tried by M. Velpeau, but, as he found them useless or injurious,
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.,.,.,,„,. , ited line and supply himself with adequate
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shown the influence of atmospheric heat to be. Hence, in Northern
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of the cell becomes homogeneous. Granular fatty changes
Relative value — TT(_50 Squibb's f. e. = 3iss tincture green
came irritated, rendering it necessary to apply a blister to the
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position, however, consists in making an artificial anus above the
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fere temporarily with any proposed change ^f ,,^,„^ -^ exchange for the sufferings and
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the same two sliillings' worth of permanganate of potash one
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under the influence of the current, and proved, experimentally,
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amination of the intestinal contents, pj(^_ -2. (/) Cross
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:s used in the treatment of all diseases of the stomach and bowels, low vitality,
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fixed mechanical adjustment is possible, pound fracture for the purpose of diagnosis
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beneficial. It must be dispensed with altogether, or deteriora-
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taining the organisms to be destroyed and (4; the chemical
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period of recurrence with only a slight manifestation, after which
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sipelas. Different forms of epizootic erysipelas have also been
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It is further clear that direct autoinfec- diagnosis. No normal eggs were found in
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now be corrected and can also be prevented ^- ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^nce during his life,
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finally to an interesting report of the result of amputations at
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ing from various causes, but is never a pri- of hot water. For this meal and supper
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two cornea have occupied the outer angles of the lids, particularly
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Comte calls the theory of organic media and the art of medi-
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or three minutes. Dr. Foster remarks that in all probability the
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cases; and, for this purpose, I will take Pneumonia, for the reason
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not restricted to the digestive tract. (4) In the skin and sub-