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when the quantity of -blood transfused amounted even up to

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small-pox epidemic, we should only vaccinate healthy persons. If the

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an insignificant irritation of the nerves of touch, excites disagreeable

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advanced that a certain tension of the molecules of the brain is neces-

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the brain, which develops in the parts supplied by obstructed arteries,

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away. On careful inspection of the bone, a single horizontal fissured

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that an increased pressure, acting on any part of the brain, would

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are thrown into a state of increased excitability and morbid excite-

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bacteria present in the blood in the majority of cases of

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of this precaution frequently cannot be subsequently made good.

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enuresis nocturna. Either the sensation to which a full bladder gives

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and it is pressed upward. Then we have the symptoms of com-

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epiphyses often ossify sooner and more completely than is desirable

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lower extremities which preceded the symptoms of disturbance of coor-

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The period of incubation, which appears to last eight or nine days,

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similar relief is obtained by making minute superficial punctures with

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or check the development of the pneumococci, to increase the

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in the letter, we may be prepared to meet a deplorable-looking being,

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tion of the brain, which may occur earlier or later, but never fails wheii

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itself, but mostly on the disturbances of circulation around it. (When

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the cuticle, while upon the hand or other region thickly covered with

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circumspection. She suffers more or less constantly from con

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as hemiplegia, etc., are rare, or do not occur; but only that, apart from

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" The opsonic theory is based on the assumption that leucocytes combat

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vessels; the dilatation may even be observed in the capillaries on

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curetted by one of us (H. T.) five years ago, and again on

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dix attack in which respirator}'- movements are restricted, but

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stomach). The liver is but little changed in size, but is of uneven

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paralysis of the muscles affected. The disease is uncommon ; it

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haps because they do not digest a part of the meat.

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are constantly present. The newer diuretics, such as aceto-theocin and

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