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woman in fifty would consent to the operation^ except it
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got it into a more favourable position in the abdomen, and
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back is severe, together with the rigors, the vomiting, and the
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Alcohol, Action of, on Circu- i Bile, Physiology of 178
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certain great men, when he says, in his "Life of Cleo-
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inner surfaces that they may beheld as flat as possible,
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ever, sometimes led to contradictory results. He proceeds to point
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thoracic pressure symptoms, hemorrhages, and marked anasarca. Some-
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profound coma for a long time, and was incapable of,
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those much beyond fifty rarely fully recover. In general all patients
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out that Hirsch and Terret have collected twenty-two cases of con-
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rally on the question of the propagation of cholera by the
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that Dr. Allan has detailed ; I found this mass in the abdomen a little
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resort to the forceps with the object of abridging the period of suffering, and
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ated on. In 28 cases the operation was performed early (at
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Arizona is compiled by the Arizona Medical Association. All
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be ooimtersigned, giving it the force and effect of a limited state
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nuclear forms, and an increase in globulin. These abnormalities
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to early life, tho intra-ocular tumours met with in later years
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playing of wind instruments on the lungs, there was opened a
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two latter, exceedingly poisonous when inhaled. Carbonic
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conservatism in their treatment, and because there may be many
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nised as idiots and imbeciles, there is no doubt that training in an institu-