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at least eight distinct functional divisions, largely as an

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‘tropical diseases,’ and it is the purpose of this paper

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I shall not attempt to review these excellent papers,

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request of the Board of Trustees. In order to clarify

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upon week, nay, months may roll by, and yet the poor suffering

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The first fall meeting was scheduled for October 13,

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pox in a person who had been successfully vaccinated within five

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that is something America cannot afford — to substitute

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reports of the Board of Trustees and the reports of the

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recently appointed superintendent of the Danville State

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Technique with practice on living tissue, every two

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sicians, those under 37 years of age who are physically

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The mere reading- of the above title, and the author's name, -will

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was called to order by Mrs. Arthur M. Benshoff, pres-

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proper to insert the report of the Senate Committee

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plants for which they are responsible plan to use the

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These workers have shown that an excess of nicotinamide in

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ing and absorbing foods, with possible extension of

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biological designation for the cortical tissue, viz.,

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by the attending pediatrician (Denzer) twenty-four hours

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“The only point of difference between the conclusion

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dissolved in water, morning and evening, and considers this

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dangers and possibilities ; Dr. Lewis T. Buckman, State

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complicated by sensitivity to drugs, such as salicylic

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Ques. 2. Mention the methods of determining the presentations

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Time of War” might well have been the subjects of

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