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Nevins, Dr. J. B., I'rescriber's Analysis of British Phar-

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which tended to show that these fibroid changes were

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now turns to hypothesis, and enters on the consider-

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Menses, treatment of retention of from occluded vagina

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in last week's Journal, p. 2C6, col. i, it was stated by error that

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racters, the more probable it is that the protective

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organisms three times, the diplococcus lanceolatus eight times — the

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Gonorrhoea is the latest infection known to produce myocarditis.

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tell its own tale. The Sheffield grinders' disease was

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ample — are not tolerated in the air-passages ; while

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One is the discovery of new facts, whether relating

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After the chill, vomiting, and pain in the region of the kidneys, the

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this subject given by Dr. JIurchison in a paper " On

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pericarditis is produced by the same cause as the rheumatism. The

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was brought to trial for having attempted to poison

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led in his endeavours to amend the sanitary state of

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incompetency. As mitral regurgitation is the most common affection

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his social relations, courteous to his equals and kindly

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ports that after a time reached us from Manchester,

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Fellows, the rest being adverse to the proposed alter-

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loses none of its pristine vigour by successive trans-

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discussing the details of the Charter of Incorpora-

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Habveian Society of London; Mr. F. Metcalfe; Dr. Smart;

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generic name of terramycin

diseases attended with suppuration may be followed by pericarditis.

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of the left subclavian artery and the orifice of the ductus arteriosus,