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deaths registered in Dublin were equal to an annual rate of 26.0 per 1,000

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The Diploma in Public Health has been conferred on J. W. Grant, M.B.,

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Physician. Salary, jEnO per annum, with board, and lodging Appli-

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April 2^th. Mr, Wal'er Ridley, F.R.C.S., president of the branch, was in

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Hikgston.— On April 23rd, at Liskeard, Cornwall, the wife of Richard

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on the subject of vaccination with reference to leprosy, the

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With regard to the treatment of the acute condition

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The German Congress of Ophthalmology will be held this

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bodies. The VictoriaUniversity, the Universities of Cambridge

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the nervous system, but still we can hardly attribute to them

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