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which it occurred by a number appended to it. The sign (^) means that

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the lowest degree at which it was observed in the middle of, the

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aqueous solution of nitrate of ammonium with a very I

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NosB, — Much mucus in nose without having taken uold {1. — I4th d.) —

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is Usually both sensory and motor. Patients will complain of a sense of

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to the present, will be given in this communication.

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lower orders of animals by t& coverings provided by nature, and

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Ahthort E. Stockbr, M. D., and JoH?r Nbill, M. D., were ad-

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Bacterial Counts. — The plate method of bacterial counting was used

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knowledge of the nature of the cholera spirillum has

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You will not exi)ect me, at this time, to dwell upon

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scarcely leave behind it a permanent impression upon the system.

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Much larger amounts of culture were required with some strains

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portance; they have, however, been enabled, at length, to bring

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a square, deeply-paneled bottle, with red label and

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mens containing successfully stained parasites. It is rare to find

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01 west There was one cloudless day. The variable days were

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Department for the interest they have taken and the assistance

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strangers that a corps of students from the University

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opium to infants. The Gazette Medicate^ in commenting on these cases,

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Morbid Anatomy, — The synovial membrane and articular cartilages are

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cylate of soda did make the ears ring. — New Idea.

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that had been perfusing through the pancreas. The utilization of

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Ill acrordaiicc with the above report. Dr. Kendall offered

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those modifications in the clinical history of this fever which follow the

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is only unfavorable when it occurs in the very aged or in feeble infants.'

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discharges." The absence of mineral astringents and

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cases have been reported ; two amputations rendered necessary by

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Morbid Anatomy. — Hysteria has no pathological changes or morbid

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the Ardhodaya Joga in the beginning of February was an

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use but little tea or coffee. In case when the patient

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the latter the symptoms are localized, permanent, and unaccompanied by

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phagocytability with normal serum, and (c) change in absorption

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oozing) ; worse by shaving (only possible alternate days) ;. relieved by

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known. Bircher 7 has produced hyper trophy experimentally in rats

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The small round cells of the cortex of the thymus are an example of

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Progress. — The first injection of 16 mg. was given on Feb. 9, 1915. On Feb.

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ointment It was therefore applied to the other parts of the body.

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sion, only to flourish for a brief period and then sink into oblivion,