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lives of many children may be saved by preventing the dyspnea resulting from the
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This concept dominated Virchow's thinking. He stated that "medi-
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in acute and chronic rheumatism ; and by Mr. Haden and
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HOVELL (T. Mark) and Eve (Frederic), cases illustrating the
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doubtful, while the remainder agreed with Dr. Mott.
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Par., 1899, xix. 284:-302. — Rendii (H.) La recliute daus
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perfect health, with a peculiar spasm of the tongue.
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cornese (kerato-conjunctivitis), and it may also be found in the larynx,
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elsewhere in the body, viz., by the reproduction of new tissue from pre-
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In each of these preparations, we hope to fill a desideratum long felt by the professional public.
litozin strong инструкция
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physical efficiency of my troops. . . . Broad-minded Christianity,
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Exp. XX. — Dog, weight 15 pounds. Injected slowly into jugular vein
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When filarial disease is associated with lymphatic varix,
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It would seem, however, that in some elderly persons an almost
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"The continued drain from the system increases the original
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man has had who has taken the history and the experience he has had.
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State Medical Association convened at Hotel Warner in the city of
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turpentine in drachm doses with so much benefit. Yet this boy, as you
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recommended. This was not healthful and was liable to
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was unnecessary in these patients, as a rule, to seek a cause