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muscles to the whole body, and result in opisthonotos or other forced

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uterus usually begins in the region of the tubes and ceases at the internal

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milder symptoms of catarrhal inflammation. The change in its character

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knife or a bullet. It often occurs from the extension of a suppurative

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that a primary hypertrophy of the heart causes stretching and weaken-

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of the albumin of the intestinal secretions. Yon Jaksch has found ex-

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artery, may be dilated and form part of the aneurism ; on the other

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does not seem to us justifiable. If employed at all, quinine should be

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be administered to increase the activity of the digestive organs, whilst

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of the lung becomes cedematous in consequence of the localized bronchial

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down is of very doubtful utility, the results of oesophagostomy or gas-

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or "Fourteenth Street School," as more familiarly called, with its

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the solidification of the lung progresses, the pain lessens, but the fever

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lumbago the absence of fever excludes the backache of acute infectious

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in two forms, small miliary multiple enlargements (see Cerebral Hemor-

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it usually gives rise to multiple abscesses of the liver of pysemic nature.

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persistent anaemia is the frequent result. Such hemorrhage may be the

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The disorders of sleep may be divided for our present purposes into

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sents foreign irritants ; and it resents them most particularly when it

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pyrin if there be fever, and to purge with a mercurial followed by salines.

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because they are not dependent upon the gastro-intestinal inflammation,

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the physical signs are those of oedema of the lungs.

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cerebellar lobe. It is probable that in cerebellar cases the ataxia always

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violent vomiting and purging, the stools being small, mucous, bloody,

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of the fourth ventricle, in injuries to the head, according to Higgins

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ciated with the diphtheria bacillus. Bronchitis is almost universal, and

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tracted headache, followed by an epileptic fit, in an adult should excite

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represents some form of the disease different from that in which these

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In simple cephalic hypertrophy the enlargement is chiefly occipital, in

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lungs, or in a body vein through an open foramen ovale. It is also pos-

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not distended. The concurrence of jaundice and bile-stained faBces in-

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appearing at the Berlin Polyclinic show manifestations of rickets. It is

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by some authorities to bring about disintegration of diseased tissue.

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lymphoma or in connection with similar tumors of the lymph-glands

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dignity and in their general evidences of failing power, usually afford a

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of percussion vary in accordance with the position of the patient and

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depend upon the local deposit of the typhoid bacillus. It has further

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been found in the chylous urine, but are more likely to be seen on exam-

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pollicis, and finally the two outer lumbricales. Sensory fibres supply

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