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very rarely accompanied by pus, is found beneath the arachnoid mem-

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deep reflexes can any definite relation to the optic thalamus be considered

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Only then did I begin to yield to the persuasions of Arthur Lewin,

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before the society. But at that time Koch had not yet been

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voluntary muscular system are successively affected, the affection being gen-

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ous, muscular, etc- One part of the tumor had the general

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affections may be manifestations of the same morbid agent. ||

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pine sulfate to a metaproterenol regimen. 37 The quaternary

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successful. Thyroid extract is of questionable value. Large goitres may be

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port, Dr Dibbetz, Director of Hospitals and one of the Board of

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sway — a thing they might well do, even if they have to expend a

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animals, it must be diluted with 2 quarts of water.

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were not diagnosed until the physical sii^ns were well advanced.

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month, because of the thickness and toughness of the decid-

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week, great care should be used to determine whether the vomiting is

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space. The operation of paracentesis is required when the effusion is

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highly virulent cultures were obtained by frequent passage of the

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tion in the mucous membrane, and also, and in the same degree, pre-

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seem to be very susceptible, whereas the Malays, and the natives of

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of the guests would suffer from serious attacks of ill-

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precautions, from osteo-myelltic abscesses in five cases. The pus was collected

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cardiac disease, usually in cases of chronic valvular disease with associated

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became warm and less stormy, the disease disappeared.

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cular meningitis, as well as from the creamy pus seen in meningitis due to

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eous injections were made. At the end of twelve days

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Jour. Oct. 1885. — 97. Soca. Kouv.iconogr. de la Salpetritre, 1888, pp. 155, 183. — 98.


of the disease recovery is so rare, that it is not to

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blue pill three times daily, which salivated him severely,

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in which a lady was alleged to be confined in an asy-

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cider, claret and other kinds of wine, it is believed, are more used by

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men to adopt his theoretical conclusions. Indeed, for twelve centuries he

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ticles which has been noted on the bodies of the poorly fed persons on the

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butchers, and their abettors cannot, and should not, pre-

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child under age six by 1994, low-income youngsters from

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work. This is true especially the more one hears of

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■ D., Assoc. Dir., Graduate Training Program, Dept, of Anes., UAB,

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and become simple diseases that readily yield to this mode, of

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ecuted, would be both popular and useful, and would prove a safe, if not

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of the city, who recognized the nature of the case and

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