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cocci and Shiga dysentery bacilli in the circulation of infected rab-
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Among the patients there was one who received 60 cc. of the serum,
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.remedies during the paroxysm. For thirteen centuries colchicum has
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1 Eulenburg inclines to the view that malarial infection may cause it.
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the jejunal transplant appeared exactly similar to the control. In
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have appropriate medicines to act on every known capacity of the
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places the cartilage is superficially necrotic and the destroyed por-
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tional vigour. About the end of last August, in attempting to lift a
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of metabolism, since the bacteria in the parent culture continue to
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ratus, after which she was unconscious until she heard some remark
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{From the Laboratories of The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.)
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succeeded in seizing and bringing away a disc of tin of about an
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when the muscles are in use ; the disease begins in the lower limbs, affects
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microscopic changes in the treated animals exceeded those of the
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lon containing the same amount of normal horse serum. Cultures
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second and terminal rash usually appears in crops after defervescence. It
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incompetence. It was learned thi'ough this midwife,
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good. By means of an instrument, which the professor had con-
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becomes hyperaesthetic in the area of motor derangement, and reflex activ-
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In men — especially older men — the bladder and
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city. The regulations respecting the depth to which privies and
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probably it was a low grade radium, beoaose of tbe quantity used,
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of 32. M. G. has met with 4 successful cases in 36 operations — a
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habitually falls. Dizziness and long fits of syncope arc not infrequent.
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respectively, had elapsed. In the second of these, a dilation of the
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great concentration as in the original culture. This suspension was
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method in infinitesimal doses, and this is the more important since he does
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acidity. Gelatin was not liquefied. Growth on potato media was
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cure principle, and his auxiliary treatment, rather thait_
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suffered to remain without treatment, in hopes of escaping from
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striving to raise a monument to the memory of a man
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gave an unexpectedly good result, and high fever abated after an
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or four hours, if the mixture is prepared according to the formula of
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inoculations do not differ from, and are not less severe than those following the