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Make a powder of quinine, camphor and pulvis Doveri,
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not in the central laboratory. In actual fact, it often does
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i carefully the state of the entrance to its cavity, as slight
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by a very remarkable man — the late Mr. Hutton — and he has
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Jaundice may depend upon a tumor or abscess being so
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our rate structure does not take this exposure into
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it will be at once perceived that this influence is an indirect
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with unintended pregnancies have abortions with less
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being apprized of the difference between a cool body with
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child thr(^(' years later. He advocates double ligature,
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Cath Conference - 7:30 am, Sioux Valley Hospital Auditorium, Info: Alice Glirbas - 333-2766.
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aromatic sulphuric arid to dissolve the quinine. In applying
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In April there was a social gathering at the Ram Pub in
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Caring lends itself to stories, be they actual patient
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measure the urine, of which the quantity is in direct relation Avith
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that one with the head high (No. 3) preserved the sensibility of
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neath the skin of the hind limbs of a frog similarly prepared, or
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There are numerous forms of disease that give rise to jaun-
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Drawings should be made in black India ink on white paper. Used illustrations are returned after publication if
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the result justifies the course adopted, and that considering the
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apply strips of rubber i)Iaster about an inch in widtli and
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to follow delivery, a dose of the ergot be given a few minutes
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child. The uterus contracted pretty firmly upon the placenta
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not, but in the former they very soon acquire an intensity
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abated, we will wait until struggling nature, unaided, has
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forming the tasks required of them. Therefore, a group
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dermically. 2. That when they are taken on an empty stomach
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is much more Jikcl.v lo he witli iutaii or useful jielvic
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M. L. Knapp, M.D., has been appointed to the chair of
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plexes have been removed by the granulocytes, or have
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of the scene precludes any corresponding effort of convergence.
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respiration, dry cough, and sonorous rales, subsided quick-
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The membership was referred to the written report sub-
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amount of iodide which was set free by decomposition of the salt
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within the small intestines, and so gave her five-grain 'doses of
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lias received in recent years more attention from ear
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days. Such cases are extremely troublesome and difficult to
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much enlarged, injected and studded with a few white points.
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past. Deliveries and procedures in these settings were
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The Reference Committee reviewed the report of the President