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to the Society all facts coming under their notice which may

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a clean one, no harm can arise by removing as mucli of

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ing a matter which Parliament clearly intended to be left to

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certainly useful when a sedative was called for. Digitalis and

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tional disease ; thus heredity is a powerful factor, also depri-

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gastric acid control with esomeprazole lansoprazole omeprazole pantoprazole and rabeprazole

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cination. He enumerated a number of cases of small-pox

pantoprazole 40 mg iv push

therapeutic action of music appears to be that the emotional

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the age and condition of the child. Dr. More Madden urged'

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and trapezoid ligaments divided; this allowed the outer end

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chiefly scarlatina, typhus, and measles, of which they had charge ; and 2

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'bilberries, salol, pilocarpin, sulphonal, ergotin, nitro-

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Mi'Uer Hospital and Royal Kent Dispensary, vice Cecil H. Rock,

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thawing ihe blood had undergone. Acting on this supposi-

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late of soda which he advised to answer any better than

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cases in which the abnormal position is not sufficiently pro-

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Dr. James Cantlie writes to us from Hong Kong : Neither

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such demonstration must rest solely on clinical evidence, for

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meat intended for the use of food. In this matter we have

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Nothing but ventilation in the House of Commons will remedy this

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frequent intervals come to London to look up friends and beat

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showed that a loop of small intestine had sloughed, and that

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St tflwill never be on a proper social footing without titular army rank.

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monopoly of public competitive examinations to any educa-

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improvements were needed, such as clearing the slums, etc.,

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College, Belfast ; *W. J. Woods, Queen's College, Belfast.

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1st District and Workhouse of the Lunesdale Union, vice Ian D.

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Htematemesis had been an early symptom, and this fact,

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point, which is lower than tlie normal average ; and it is

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physiology, and we can only obtain an adequate idea of mor-

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order for the disorder we can observe. If we try to perceive

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disease must give notice to ttie loc^l authority within tweniyfonr

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varying character of the symptoms which were met with in

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branches) of Messrs. Gurney's Bank. Cheques or postal orders

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Association to approve a special appeal to raise a fund to

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(10) It would be well to enact that, whether the Infectious Dis-

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voice in the affairs of the institution and the election of its

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unreasonable, because at the best it was founded on mere

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they have every microphysical character of this, and in

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whether he will grant or refuse an order to destroy. As a matter of

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having steadily improved after the consultation 1 heard nothing more of

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no medical attendance, (y) In the ordinary medical certifi-