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may cause vesicles and pustules. Some local anaesthesia

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chorea, however, and with temporary benefit, when the con-

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The patients were not only in one ward, but in all the wards. They

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i>ose.— H.,lss.-ii. (15.-60.); Sh. & Sw., 3 ss.-i. (2.-4.); D.,

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adjusted without disturbing other parts of the wound.f

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The evidences of natural degeneracy are more palpable in the youth-

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ternally, diluted several hundred times with water.

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New York, makes the following remarks to his class : " Well, gentle-

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jured. The wound suppurated freely, but notwithstanding its great

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dy decidedly diminished. From the very small size of the pupil,

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may be attended by a renewal of the haemorrhage. The best pre-

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to be decidedly inferior to other diuretic remedies.

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back of his head and neck. Got, before lie came in, a purge of calomel and jalap, and had

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though less marked, anteriorly. Abdomen. — Spleen nearly double

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but soluble in alkalies), constitute, according to many, the

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tration of stimulants in large quantities, and continued hot applications

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liver twice a week, or may be put on an occasional or exclu-

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cases would end favorably, unless where there is deformity of the

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The phosphate resembles the sulphate, but is a milder

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ple, Wheat, Eaton, Bickford, and eight others. Delegates to Do.rtmoxdli

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after death from otiier causes, such as tetanus or decapitation. In

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of the kidneys or bladder — sufficient to have impaired the general

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ant malarial influence, or form of congestive or pernicious fever,

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can be employed, in not only reducing temperature and in-

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lina, this epidemic entirely disappeared. Recovery took place in