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In an engagement at Chatillon on Wednesday last, one of the ambu-

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approved by a vote of the Association at Newcastle. We, therefore,

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vention, all the persons belonging to this hospital establishment would

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was taken by the President, Dr. Burrows. The attendance of members

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whole length, by which means the blades were more easily introduced

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have each reported on them. Recovery followed in seventeen cases.

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amount and vigour of the teaching at Addenbrooke's Hospital and in

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condition of things, although I am allowed by the local authority all the

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which he regretted having done so. — Mr. Gregso.n agreed \rith Mr.

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;^500, under the will of the late Henry Clark, Esq., to the prizeman of

methylprednisolone 1 gm

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it came out with great profit and enlightenment. The opposite doc-

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99 deg. ; respiration easy. A catheter was passed, but about two drachms

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A CORRESPONDENT of the Z><7i7v A'iti'j' Writes : "The more I see of

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Humphreys. — Mr. Tait had seen the instrument in the annual museum.

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ciety for the remainder of the evening. The opinion appeared to pre-

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climate told upon the natives of the South, and caused two suicides, as

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bling there in force. That was an unfounded insinuation. There were

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inherent power in the mucous membrane itself, the final history of

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feres with the circulation in its tissues, leading to the effects now to be

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could give great information, these volumes might and did become a

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Correspondents not answered, are requested to look to the Notices to Corre-

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M. F. Papillon has lately communicated to the Academy of Sciences

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sity of not opening the blades of the clamp too rapidly, as ha:morrhage

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of *Thomas Heckstail Simith, Esq., of St. l\Iary Cray, on November loth.

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It is, however, a fact to be noted, that he was a fellow-worker with

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stumps should be washed after amputation with Burnett's solution of

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hardly lead us to suppose that it was within the province of drugs to

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MILTOWN-.MALBAY, co. Clare— Surgeon to the Constabularj'.

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affected by heat or moisture ; they could be washed and used .again.

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Smiff-Taki::g; Its Ulility m Fn-<'cntini; Broiichilis ami Consumption.

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most malignant and uncontrollable attacks. We have therefore before

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six months. My friend's daughter was seized with the disease; and it

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of great pain, in w'hich, through the defendant's inattention, it remained

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