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gray matter, where the vessels are more numerous, have

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graphic methods considered unsuitable for determining

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mal over whole back. On very careful auscultation, the respi-

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with scrofula, and this in turn is synonymous with and

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practical point of view, for it is easily ascertained ; and Trousseau has

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objectively a definite tissue constituent with dynamic functions.

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air, the cells being elongated and remaining coherent (Mycoderma cerevisise

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Marion County Medical Society has held a meeting and that

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the liquid was set aside until the following morning.

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intensity of about one hundred and fifty milliamperes.

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^ Williams : The Pathogenesis of Tabes Dorsalis, Amer. Jr. Med. Sciences,

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cause symptoms as soon as the nose was cleared out.

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Entirely similar reports come in regard to this disease as in regard

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to the uncertainty of many of the physical signs, displacement of

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pulsating swelling Just above the popliteal space on the inner

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freshly-gained in the schools where he had done such admirable

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again there are forward propulsive movements, by vvhich,_ in

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coverings, the frequent absence of fluid from the sac, and the presence of numer-

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stances is such a diagnosis justifiable from exclusion, i. e., because the

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tioned above, was herself taken with uterine haemor-

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and slow pulse, mouth dry, and a better subject for an

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cervix uteri. The advantages of the stethoscope in the hands of

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Wird die Wiederausfuhr des von der Einfuhr zurfickgewiesenen

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beyond what it can hold dribl)les away through the urethra. The Germans

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center and, consequently, inhibit detrusor contractions as

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nected with the treatment and care of the insane, and

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graphic methods considered unsuitable for determining

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physique and soldierly qualities on a diet poor in protein. Like

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instances of this may be given as illustrations. A lady of 43 years of age,

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appearance presented in such cases may be seen by comparing Figs.