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firmer and denser than that of other sarcomata, and is composed ex-

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five years ago, it rose so much that it seemed to confirm the idea long

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the nature of which can only be discovered by clinical and anatomico-

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and the animal gradually became thinner until the day of death.

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seemed therefore to have become attenuated by passage through two

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for Manchester ; and, as he came unprepared with a name, and saw no

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mally in the blood and tissues. The arterial blood of the dog contains

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Dr. Root. — Dr. H. K. Root, of New York, who left our city on Saturday last,

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Britain, America, and the Continent; and frequently along with them

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.dered the name "molluscum fibrosum" a more appropriate one for the

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recommended the use of the cold-air bath — that is, of exposure naked

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spasm or paralysis of certain of the muscles involved, or merely to

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passed, a tumour, the size of a fowl's egg, was seen projecting from the

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report of the post-mortem examination leaves no room for wonder at

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of vaccination. He thought that such a result would be disastrous, and

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annual meeting be held at Tynemouth ; that Dr. J. B. Bramwell be

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nected in front with the middle of the three divisions of the posterior

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containing iodide of potassium. The parts were sprayed with carbolic

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ease had run a very ordinar)' course. Dr. Wilks therefore advised his

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2. A five-year-old entire horse, brought for examination on the

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pulmonary tuberculosis in the cat. The inoculation was successful in

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being thus avoided), and a stopcock inserted a few iuches from the end

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normal ; appetite good ; abdomen swollen over the hypochondriac

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points out a very curious fact in relation to this disease, that, with scarcely

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and as to the merits of the question in the widest sense.

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the head was swollen ; the nose, face, lips, and cheeks were greatly

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and I do not find it needful to employ such a planned system of fiction.

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State on Examination. — The animal showed two wounds in the neck

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schools, who utterly exhaust their strength with strong

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of granting an honorary degree similar to the honorary D.C.L. of the