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my care about nine months ago, I prescribed the usual remedies, in this case,

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Berlrand, J. H. : Report of a Case of Leprosy. Med. and Surg Reporter, Phila., 1891, Ixiv. 9.

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further absorption. Therefore, under the gaseous the-

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"Nothing succeeds like success" and Kissingen is evidently

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colorless, faintly opalescent liquid. It gives no reactions with nitrate of

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below the scapula, there were dulness, pectoriloquy, cavernous

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Meantime I had searched all the books I could lay hold

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trouble I experienced during the first vkfinter was a rheu-

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the supplications of the poor. In speechless agony they will turn to you

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So-called hyperpyrexial temperatures (41.5° to 41° and over) are

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makes a conception of the etiology of nervous dyspepsia obscure but there

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mally the cells which resemble in shape the humerus are united by their

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not to be affected as the septum was intact. Right middle turbinal

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malarial fever represent all the work that could be done in those days,

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only in this way can possible accidents be prevented and the interest

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•1] day. and the antibodies were titrated after each bleeding, [n

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Child, empyema in a, 254; poisoned by camphor, 284;

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deposited rhombic crystals of globulin. Of a total protein content of

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their readers to a few facts which, while they may have appealed to

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related to glucose regulating properties whereas aldosterone '

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after the acid has been applied, so as to confine the action of the acid

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of movement in the lower limbs. Not infrequently the

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don, in rheumatic fever, yet the congeries of fymptoms in this inftance

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deal with the women who come as mothers of the babies,

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place, even after the most careful fracturing, the septum very often

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offers a strong resistance to light, heat, the moulds,

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or whether the appetite is in any degree proportioned to these. Perhaps the

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Medical Journal and were printed in the various journals

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the head, than those persons whose eyes are near together. It is easy

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dependent upon the peculiar constitution of lymph. Lymph

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tice which has rendered class-teaching and attendance at the

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operation, which is tolerably sure to be the maiimum

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tailed here. It is probable that the pancreas, and particularly the cells form-

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faulty, but "svliicli under our circumstances will, in mj opinion,

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reaction for diagnostic purposes is to examine the cerebrospinal

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of OXYGEN INSUFFICIENCY. Prof. Josue has been in charge

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in eight to ten days after a gastroenterostomy, if the patient