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At this moment, a tall, grey-headed gentleman (Dr. Yillemin)
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to be obtained ; and to procure this our labours must
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assistant physician was aroused on the ground " that he was
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C. Keep the patient quiet. Give Brandy or Whiskey. Put
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is not only found in the spots but associated with the leprous neuritis which chiefly
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the middle ear. In his studies 200 cases of purulent otitis media are
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seen, and not much else. Flemming holds that the intercellular sub-
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integration is, at most, a few days. But the slower forms of involu-
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the smallest recollection of what has passed during the fit, and
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cerned in its guidance, or responsible for the instruction
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whose blood called for natural exercise ; and when, further, you
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flecting that it was produced by the state of the lungs at the moment
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latter have no muciparous glands like the former, in which they are very
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woiild suffer in the manner shown by Bernard ^' , .
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those of the last forty years or more, as in this book, whether hospital
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malady. Cod-liver oil given internally seems, as in
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season in rabbits, and are decreased during the anoestrous period, or
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With regard to the relation of the uterus to the horizon, and of the
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bad and typhoid in character, as much as one full-sized bottle of
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primary lesion. The fauces and posterior wall of the pharynx show very
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a tortured mind. Two days later another doctor is called. The diagnosis
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American Medical Times for March 15, by my friend Dr. Noyes, of the
slippery stuff target
1906 a. — Solitiire Echinococcencyste des Mesenterium. [Read before Freie