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rupture of the stretched lower layer of cells along the circumference. The
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is inclined to regard the primary fever as denoting not blood infection but
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Auenbrugger and Laennec. Addison showed that the inflammatory
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may possibly produce infection, this longevity becomes important, especially
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those of mania. These patients are often violent, attempt to escape from
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and a positive Widal reaction, are important distinctive features.
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which can be had of any of the wholesale drug houses, is
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done in some localities, such as the breast, and has given relief, but if there
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difference lies in the histology of the lesions, one being as a rule a prolif-
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sometimes seems to accelerate the course of tuberculosis.
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and cocoa butter is the best agent to use. In private practice, during the
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liable to secondary infection which, in the form of localized furunculosis,
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the outlets of a number of sewers, one of which came from a house in which
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has reported a case in a woman aged seventy-three years.
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these, in which parotitis was an additional complication, were the leukocytes
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infrequent, and yet this possibility must be acknowledged." —
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paratively large. Among 7,741 cases (Curschmann) there were 12.8 per
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capillary endothelium may have undergone calcareous infiltration. The
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yellow fever hospital while he was applpng other mosquitoes to patients.
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Potato. — The development is different according to the reaction of potato
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pressure fell from 137 mm. of mercury to 25 mm. Here the
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giving of water. The need of large amounts of water is often forgotten and
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occur in other infections. These petechiae are likely to appear in the latter
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Dr. Craig for his courtesy, and requested a copy of
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from oedema), by an interference with respiratory movements (as from pain),
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proportion of deaths due to syphilis to fifteen per cent, in all
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plications and clinical signs of general infection, such as joint inflammations,
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eruptions are also met with in which the bullae contain a clear fluid as in
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artificial nutrient media are unsuited for such investigations. The unfavor-
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renal complication sets in, and then there is a retention of
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where albuminuria means no more than cold in the head,
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one of the first to perform the operation for appendicitis.
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ence has been met by the addition of typhoid bacilli killed by heating, or the filtrate
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questionable, for here many may be exposed for the first time to infection.