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tumors and carcinomatous conditions. C. P. Noble found, in a

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tracts, uniting the margins and leaving a comparatively smooth scar.

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the time being more or less continuous. Such advocates would

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most commonly, hemorrhage (which is both persistent and free), together

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instances the pain is wanting ; hence it frequently happens that the pres-

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paresis develops in the upper extremity. Sooner or later other general

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The operation consists in bi-lateral slitting of the cervix with

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downward and generally to the right. Un the other hand, in second-

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hospital, it was decided that immediate operation was necessary.

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(3) Certain exhausting causes, operating directly or indirectly, may

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min to hemoglobin in excess of 1 to 1.6 indicates not only an independent

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occasioned by certain debilitating causes and chronic diseases that are

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the attack. Even persistent starvation does not decrease their fre-

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lead to pulmonary congestion is explained in the discussion of Organic

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an hygienic mouth small numbers of these germs are always

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Thus there may be the rupture of an aneurysm, monorrhagia, post-

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Treatment. — A careful search for a local cause is especially de-

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pain is, as a rule, sufficiently intense to demand morphin, which is best

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artery (Charcot's artery of cerebral hemorrhage) gives way, and damages

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has been found in many of the carnivora and in some herbivora. It is

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there follows an immense thickening of the bladder-wall from hyperplasia

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the text, and 22 full-page plates. Cloth, $2.50 net.

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tion. The exudate contains fatty endothelial cells.

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Emphysema may be confounded with asthma. The presence of recog-

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especially in the case of girls emigrating from Ireland to enter domestic

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be used advantageously, owing to the difficulty of early diagnosis,,

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should absolutely not be given. If it has been determined that fecal

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lung, and that the latter are due to irritating substances inhaled with the particles of

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tem and collateral hyperemia of the larger bronchial vessels.

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until convalescence has been fairly established. The comfort of the

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suppurations or when resolution of inflammatory eff"usions is going on,

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the brain-substance is generally softened and edematous. The abscess is

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producing the condition. This explains why the condition is found usu-

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the American Academy of Medicine and of the American Associa-

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temperature is always high— 105° or even 108° F. (40.5°-42.2° C);

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]^tiology. — The condition may be idiopathic, but more often it is