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first four days of treatment the average showed an increase in PjOj and
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is usually not permanent. The bones of the feet may be involved with the
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noose ligature, so as to render its removal practi-
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III inu' destroyed liy siinliulit : cclU siieli as micioorizanivms arc siiiiilarl,\'
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reach the stage of severe gangrene. But here arises the difficulty — where
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till' n'.'irtiiiii wiiiiiil prni'iTil until nil nl' lliis in.'iti'i'i.'il liini ilisiippcjircil.
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LynipliMtics iili' iiiciililii'<| veins. Tlicy jjriiw rioni the veins in iMiitny-
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disease has been studied subsequently by several investigators, and recently
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but abo there is evidence that it is in not a few cases associated with achon-
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prising. Krawkow^ saw amyloid in rabbits eleven days after inoculation.
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progressive enlargement usually of several groups of lymph nodes and ac-
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bare the basement membrane. The lumen of the tubules that are still
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toms, or the appetite is even voracious; more frequently the appetite becomes
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by the depth of this sediment. Especial attention should be paid to the
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uiivc, T. Tho vtiUHv (if the iicciisi<miill>' (iliscrvfil iIiiwiiwhi'iI wave, S,
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number the temperature averaged from 99° to 100° or 101°. Although
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agree that the commonest age is between twenty and forty years, and the
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iiiiiii('ili;iti'l.\' rlosi's till' Milvi's. ill wllicll position tiicy urc thru iiiiiintiii'
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Skiagram showing the swelling about the first phalangeal joints,
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as ;i toM'iiiM, This. Ii.iue\er. is Hot 1 |ie;i| seien.-e it is niiMlieal silirk
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'I'll'' di-ilii, linii liitiMiii iiiiilii-nlai* and <'ol|oidal solutions is a rcla
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as after all my examinations, the pelvis in its con-
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brothers, the bones of whose hands and feet were considerably hypertrophied,
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vatriis tone, sncii as liiintinyr ihi<ss. than in tlinx- with little vaj,'iis tunc, as in
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when it is eolleeted in a similar manner. From these observations tin
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light gray — even s^ost white — in color, the stellate veins showing distinctly.
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(»tii('r cn/ynn's ni-i'dcratc oxiilativc iiioccsscs ami arf oallod orlihixis