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of basic bismuth nitrate and 4 parts of sodium tartrate to 100 parts of
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times as much as 2 or 3 per cent, of fat is present {Jipuria) ; this may
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Serous Apoplexy. — The cases present clinical evidences of apoplexy,
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the pills .should be reduced \ or |-, depending upon the number,
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Other forms of sugar than glucose (inosite and levulose) may be con-
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times tending to involve the adjacent sinuses and passages. It is knoAvn
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highly probable. The chancre may also be overlooked or denied, and
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involvement are sharper and the root-symptoms more characteristic.
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am inclined to think that this has been due largely to the extent of
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lung and external rupture, empyema may perforate neighboring organs,
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vision and developing more fully his talents by a thorough college
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physical signs ; it is very characteristic, although not pathognomonic of
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Usually a swelling is detected in the region of the affected kidney.
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about by exhaustion of the automatic motor apparatus of the heart.
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dition the term of "putrid sore mouth "). occasional slight hemorrhages
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conjunctivae, the fingers, toes, and lobules of the ears, and as a rule is
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{Hodgkiri's Disease; Adenia ; General Lymphadenoma ; Multiple Malignant
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the skin is shrunken and wrinkled, and the hair is dryer and thinner,
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should be just sufficient to excite mild contraction.
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ease may affect several members of a family, and hereditary transmission
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is a diminished amount of air entering the corresponding part of the lung.
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tuating tumor. There may be slight tenderness. Dulness on percussion
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the larger veins or of a cranial sinus may occur, and is always of serious
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heart, lungs, and kidneys. It is to be recollected that the volume of
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From the TONGUE, i. e., through the trifacial, facial and the gloso-
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focal myelitis ; hence we find congestion, softening, and even cavity-
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the later stages the foot becomes permanently fixed in a position of
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— are also present. An irregular slight or moderate pyrexia is common