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gas. is by mean? of a flexible caoutchouc or gutta percha tube, proceed-

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viously exposed to a red heat, it becomes inapplicable to this purpose, i^

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well be dispensed with, in reference merely to its powers as a nervous

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principle, there is also extractive matter, upon whVh possibly the bitter-

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21. Wilcoxon, F. 1949. Some rapid approximate statistical pro-

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think it hard that, notwithstanding our greater knowledge

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the same time covered the abdomen with flannels saturated with the oil.

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is called pale malt; nt a greater heat, but insufficient to decompose it,

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Besides the external attacks of. neuralgia, which may occur in any

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vital organs concerned might be unduly and dangerously aCfected ; and]

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periments, that the solution formed by the addition of a little sulphuric

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organic disease of the heart or lungs, it can generally be productive of

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ChroJiic Bheumatiam, This is one of the complaints in which the oil 1

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exposure (37.9° C vs. 36.3° C). These differences disappeared with-

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rgan, or series of organs, the constant excitement susUuned in it attracts

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Bcrolialoiis affections of the booes, etc.; but it is not, I believe, the defi-

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of emphjying and recommending this practice; for many years, indeed,

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advised in the similar sensitiveness which attends ophthalmia ; though

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broad way, of the cold bath, " It braces the nerves and relax-

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be steadily maintained. In gonorrhoea, the injection should be admin-

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fore, no longer officinal; but merits a brief notice in eonseqnonce of