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The financial success of the Exhibition may be doubtful, but
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in hemiplegia, paralysis of the face and limbs on the side opposite to
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any more than other alteratives. It is a virulent poison, which shows
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Fareell, Madeh, and Chisholm took part in the discussion
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My colleague, Dr. A. T. Wilkinson, has kindly supplied me with the
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in half the face, and similarly within the buccal cavity; other than this
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Manchester ; Mr. S. Karger, Berlin ; Dr. W. M. Kelly, Tauuton ; Mr. J.
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It is not the medical men only who do this, but the patients
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form with a white armlet, bearing the cross of the Geneva
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through vision, may in others arise through smell or even
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cases of total absence of gastric secretions have been reported in pa-
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and not uncommonly paroxysmal, interfering with sleep, and may be
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the addition of 3 gr. more on the morning of the seventh, fourteenth,
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Jone Rhyl ; Mr. A. Jackson, Sheffield ; Dr D. Jackson, Hexham ; R.
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Bronchi in Striimpell's work on Medicijie (vol. i, p. 208) the
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substance, called secretin by Starling, is first formed in the jejunum,
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The largest town in Yorkshire has again determined to keep
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laries, and of the interstitial circulation outside of the capillaries.
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the hopes of those interested in St. Mungo's College and the
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nal tables of the skull. One very constant feature is the exudation
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folk on the Continent of Europe, until lately no skull bearing
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only were sounds duller than natural, but their quality and pitch seemed
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him a pen, he answered, "you write with," and a knife, "you cut with."