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appearing in the medical journals. The following may be specially mentioned :
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tramp, the jail-bird, the cowboy, any ignorant pretender, male or
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found in pneumonia, as in other infections, the renal trouble is merely an
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suggestive of grave illness. Sleeplessness and gastric disturbance are usually
between gout and gastric disorder. Such writers usually express
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sociated with phlegmasic states. In chronic affections we may find
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cell infiltration in the "acute interstitial nephritis."
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Mix. Inject a small syringe full two or three times a day e
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scale and with a different object ; namely, to give in-
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— Psoriasis. XIV. — Leprosy. XV. — Lice or Pediculo-
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acid, and the contrary. The bearing of this quality upon the supposition
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long time the best directed treatment. This affection is augmented
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can be ascertained. This may be some foreign body which excites
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symptoms of headache were invariably connected with the processes
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before any of the ordinary secondary manifestations of syphilis. Recovery
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inflammation subsides. The presence of a larger quantity gives ver3^
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betes from one individual to another is strenuously contested
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has been fully discussed. See previous chapter. The greater portion
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gredient of the blood it is which forms the nidus in relapsing fever
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Jaborandi is a popular remedy with physicians but is hardly a
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He finds that in gouty lipping the cartilaginous covering ceases at the
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part a pink tint, or the urine may appear brown and smoky. The color
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of the rheumatic jjoison to affect people between the ages of fifteen
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are the chief source of the fibrin of the blood. We know, therefore,
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b}' the more or less severe pain, occurring independently of pressure,.
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liver in the causation of diabetes. It is still necessarj^ bearing well
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mucous membrane lining the throat and bronchi and modify the