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cruelty to the lunatic, one Mrs. Hobson. She had lived with the de-

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to disease of the liver. He conjectures that, when present, it may de-

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for one day: the confinement of old men to bed was perilous. Large

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the streets. In Newcastle, they could not pass through the streets at night

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what struck him in Dr. Aveling's forceps, which he had the opportunity

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firmary to the University every morning at 10.30, the visit-hour at the

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" peeled off the skin", according to his own statement, at the time of

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cessful, and was informed by him that he had asked another practi-

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antiquity, in shaping religious beliefs, being manifested even in pre-

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seat, " I do value it extremely, as it may be the means of enabling me

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payment of interest, etc. The meeting appeared to accept the project

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The first meeting of tlie above Branch for the session, will be held on

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No small number of English persons are interested, chiefly from reasons

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profession led away by the loose expressions current in society with re-

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relieve the Journal of the pressure of some of the long and excellent

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and some of the members would agree with him that they did contain

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curious reading and he would have been spared a great deal of trouble,

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The profession in the town will sympathise with him in being thus

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pute. How far this is the case at present it will be our business to

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without giving undue prominence to any one; and although the steady

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the outbreak. Dr. Bell ascertained the following facts. On May the

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The effect of this will be to keep every other part of the house free from infection.

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R. A. Warwick, Richmond ; Mr. J. P. Purvis, Greenwich ; Dr. A. Crespi, Oxford ;

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mean simply a therapeutist, but a further and still more curious perver-

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Stewart spoke of the value of the themiometer in cases of acute

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it seems to be a salutary though troublesome practice. The advantage

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For the time being, other concerns are set aside, so that they shall ex-

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North West District: applications, Sept. 14th; election, 22nd.

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ably with that of any other city in the United States. No one, how-

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with the names, ages, and former occupations of their inmates ; and

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we speak of, that cannot be settled by the logical application of these

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schools. Knox's class dwindled gradually away ; he left Edinburgh ;

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literature. Tliey are to be found in the appendix to Mr. Bowman's

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and the office of Assistant-Physician at present remains vacant. Dr.