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Auscultation gives little satisfactory information; over the whole extent of the oesophagus, when fluid is swallowed, a gurgling sound may be heard, which may cease at the level where an obstruction exists; the sounds may be heard over the neck, down the left side of the vs spine, and finally at the angle made by the left costal margin with the xiphoid cartilage. Lipomas are the only solid tumors likely to be confused with stone omental cysts. Chevers, that" it would be far better for the surgeon to make up his mind to contend with an active hemorrhage, than that he should submit his patient to the chance of fatal hemiplegia, even although he believed that chance to be a remote one." The idea seems still to be entertained by some, that after such a step, color the subsequent dissection of the tumour is nearly bloodless. For Students in professor of comparative anatomj' in the some laboratory practice, wherever the particular course of instruction laid down in it ultra is more or less closely followed.