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of an acute myelitis. Erb and some other authorities recommend that

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epidemic, is to impress upon all, who depend upon him for advice, the

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muscular contraction shows that there is still power of thought. In this

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would permit. Further, I adduced a number of illustrations of the

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chalk line will usually succeed, and if the eyes be closed the lack of con-

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on entering a room or approaching an individual (tie salaam), or as that

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SYNONYMES. Peroneal type of muscular atrophy; Charcot-Marie

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with it there may be a pronounced increase in the size of the liver.

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have lived eight years after resection of the cancerous pylorus, four have

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lithaeniic and suffer much from neuralgia. Atonic dyspepsia, disordered

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trotomy ; it is applicable only to non-malignant cases ; according to

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rnyopathies, differing from the pseudo-hypertrophic variety only in the

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may result from thrombosis or periphlebitis, with the production of con-

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tioner must select his expectorant according to the condition of the

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the existence of lead in the urine ; the evaporation of a large quan-

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of the extremities, are among the most characteristic symptoms of the

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nize that, though the disease may be a unit from the pathological point

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pancreatitis. This affection may be limited to a portion of the pancreas

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congenital or acquired conditions, the former being represented by an

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presence of pus, the latter resulting in the formation of fibrous tissue.

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granular debris, and granular corpuscles. When the softening is of

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about four-fifths of the pancreas were removed a mild diabetes resulted,

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of nerve inflammation heretofore enumerated. In its ordinary form it is

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employed by different practitioners as local applications. Spraying the

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these conditions of subconsciousness are almost diagnostic of hysteria.

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spicuous primary affections of the joints. The fulminating cases may

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middle meningeal is the artery especially liable to rupture, in a doubtful

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rapidly from one of the causes producing septicaemia, or suddenly from the

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position of the patient, and may be increased on pressure of the stetho-

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lungs, or in a body vein through an open foramen ovale. It is also pos-

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upon the skin of the buttocks or thigh. They have escaped through the

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the simple hot or medicated water bath, may be used daily, or more fre-

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temperature, accelerated respiration, and rapid and weak pulse in the

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found in the blood, but the search for them is so often unsuccessful as to

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food should be given in small quantity at short intervals.

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result is to be obtained by putting the patient back into the nearly hori-

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istered. In gastro-intestinal cases the stomach and intestines should be

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or in different portions, from the scirrhous to the soft medullary or en-