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Miasms— Venoms— Poisons, palpable, and impalpable or miasms— Zymosis— Considerations

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also in the fteces, and in gangrenous abscess of the lung. Another species

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might, in this view, be rationally prescribed. I have, however,

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in health. But this rule is not without exceptions. Some persons have,

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going out of doors, when the weather seems unfavorable, by needless ap-

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therefore only at first repeated the attempt of Dr. Thorn, to retard

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Clinical tests gathered from every quarter of the globe attest its

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example, it most commonly affects both lungs, and the indica-

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bination, promises great benefit. The testimony is that in cases of

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ingesta and gas above the obstruction occasions more or less abdominal

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belief, which Dr. G. did not share with him, that the stifiheee

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men, to be followed by an emollient poultice, and one grain of the

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of fremitus over the right side in health. If the question be as to the

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emption from, or a notable proclivity to, acute lobar pneumonitis. It

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and the grocer had cut off and sold nearly seventy pounds of

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physicians, well-trained and of large experience. A quiet, home-like place, where "trained

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Asa rule, the disease has no tendency to induce either pleuritis or pneu-

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Liver and Bowels gradually resume their normal functions-

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tious food and a good nerve tonic. This explains why such remarka-

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wanting. When a fluctuating enlargement or tumor is perceived over

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inadequate to bear the continuance of the disease. These considerations

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fact of the hemorrhage havii^g spontaneously ceased for several

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ness gradually subside and disappear. The inflammation has no tendency

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tubes, leaving pulmonary cavities. The affection is likel}^ to be mistaken

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PER BOX, PI^AIX, 35 Cents ; PJERFUMS:i>, 50 Cents.

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action ; a diffusible tonic ; a strengthener of the Nerv-

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variety of bronchitis. The exudation is the same in character as that

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5-grain pills In bottles of loo and 500 each, and is plainly

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ously carried (rat for more than 20 years, has been the most

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soon as vesication begins, and allowing the blistered surface to dry up

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affections of the stomach are to be excluded, viz., carcinoma and ulcer.

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stances connected with the exuding process, or again, the amount of

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The application of the methods of investigation which, hy means of s^^mp-