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state of the nervous system having no connexion with congestion of the
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of the bladder or kidney. In the first case I gave a grave prognosis ;
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as an antipyretic, an antiseptic, and an anaJ^gesic.
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retroverted womb the reflex symptoms continued. X-ray examina-
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ment Inspectors, the Education Department, not finding
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The use of peroxide of hydrogen in infected wounds is strongly recom-
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Simple Chronic Catarrhal Laryngitis. Symptoms. — Tick-
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is recorded by Boyer Collard, in which no thoracic disease appeared to have
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proached an Aleutian for so doing ; he replied, " Why
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suffer from it who either do not consider it of sufficient importance to resort
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gists who had little prescription business previous-
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was little swelling of the joint The patella was found re-
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always killed or cured within three days." Guy Patin,
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in her paper, that many cases of insanity coming under her
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the influences of various physiological and pathological influences.
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Melt and give from i to 8 ounces, according to size.
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reported a case of pneumonia followed by abscess formation in which
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Insists that she will die. Feeling of constriction or tightness on the chest
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as pain and redness, they should be carefully guarded against any trauma
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was of a dark green hue matching the curtains. Gradually my eyes accustomed themselves to the dim light,
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joint soother advanced triple strength 270
trists and subspecialists were significantly less likely to re-
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sellscb. ( 1883-4 ), 188.'i. XV, 243-245. — Frijiinck (T. E.)
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"the whole appearance is one of catarrhal suppuration in optima forma.
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same is true of congenital debility and diarrhcua, while
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Dr. J. Oldekop has published, in the twenty-fourth volume, of the ArcJiio
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nancy in diabetic women— Epidemiologic considerations and recommended indica-
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lesion. If, however, the affected area be the lower part of the pons
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tion of defective drainage would stop the disease, even
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John W. Draper, M. D., LL. D., Professor of Chemistry and Physiology, President
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parison and exchange of ideas, and then spend their time in discussion
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In performing the hemolytic experiment, the following tech-
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tions of the same concentration of gelatin and that the pH influences
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the fact that the same disease was found in other than typhoid cases.
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before they returned the child was born. The father
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and muscular atrophy. The sensory loss is the earlier and more constant.
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played by it. All deviations of secretion from an average
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sk-ained of floating matter, or purified by chemicalf.