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In Acute Rheumatism and Neuralgia. — De. Neligan.
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given three or four times a week. To differentiate between the effects of the
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These tumors would seem to be quite rare, as Heiden-
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'- Nothnagel's 5peci>//e Pathoto'jie und Tberapie, Bd. xiv.
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fever, flushed face, difficult breathing, and a pain in his chest, he
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Regular meetings quarterly — Annual meeting, December
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advance, in which case both periodicals are sent by mail free of postage.
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Department of the Boston City Hospital, and in no instance was the
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for years. The number of micro-organisms in water was
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velop, especially in w^axy cases ; the urea is diminished, there
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As a rule the tendency of the initial sore is toward healing
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ponderance of stomach and uterine neoplasms is also shown.
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which a judgment in relation to the mortality in New England can be
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primary condition with which the abscess is associated, such as ear
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Conclusion : Antitoxin is a specific and reliable cure
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chloral hydrate, &c, should be given, or the animal may
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^4^1 or exposure to a current of air; obstruction of the nose every second