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taken at random from a large series of examinations made in July,
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mous osteo-sarcoma of the left femur in a boy. Tr. Path.
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An Anomalous Case of Gout. — There are many anom-
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as a result of the very vulnerable mucous surfaces being pressed and
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no new student to enter after the close of the first month of school.
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erly answered, covered nearly all jjoints intended to show the qualifi-
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dren, his wife has never miscarried, and his disease has been
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riable; the intervals generally are longer in such cases as are not
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blood is positive in 70 to 80 per cent, of cases and
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Alcoholic stimulation, particularly in the form of brandy or whiskey,
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unwise parents failed to train him and guide him in baby-days
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In such cases Dr. Trendelenburg's method of thoroughly
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of the recurrent laryngeal nerve in relation to the
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pulse of heart — at no period were its sounds audible, however carefully the
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Mystery of Suffering. The question of why there are pain and affliction and death has been asked
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convenient edition. The writings of this physician have always
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nf'vcr presents itself: unless connected with some untoward circum-
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A Case of Paralysis following Diphtheria of the Genitals Only.
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hand it is evident that this complication, nevertheless, is not of
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will hardly pass under the new system without the question arising,
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twenty-seven cases of hyperthyroidism, concludes that an unmistakable
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bably, this may be tiie object of a separate enactment. The Act of the
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called for increased work by the general Government in sani-
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of air, the first requisite is to dislodge and remove this obstruction.