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be removed if not impracticable. Good hygiene, systematic evacuation

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warm bathing, and an abundance of fresh air, with properly-regulated

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to leave his bed for several days after the disappearance of all symp-

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one or the other side. Finally, the only sure method of determining

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the vagina, destroy the cervical ganglion, which many claim to be

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and hypothenar eminences of the hands. These become flat and soft ;

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downward. The sac may finally attain a diameter of not less than 4

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school about the first of January and had to go to bed because she could

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(d) Humanized vaccine virus may rarely transmit the disease.

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undoubtedly, be withdrawn. The second would probably share the

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ventricular orifices. It is interesting to recall here that proper treat-

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affected also with pneumonia, and usually die. The tissue-changes in

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branes has already been mentioned. From Landry's paralysis it can be

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employed, the palm of one band being placed over the spine and that

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is alone involved, the limbs escape {monoplegia facialis). This form is

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region, whence it may radiate to the sacral region, the perineum, the

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and the latter especially, are rarer than the lymphatic type, so that it is

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The palpation of pathologic conditions of the intestines will be con-

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fication. These concretions may occur as sand, gravel, or large stones :

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Intussusception occurs most frequently by far in children prior to ten

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late-appearing fever, and chiefly by the physical signs, Avhich indicate

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rile attacks end in recovery, and such cases probablj^ belong to the benign

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largely attended meetings in the history of the organization, as the

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The stomach may be dilated, and often shows a catarrh of the mucosa.

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the same time, the general condition of the patient must not be neglected.

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— dietetic, hygienic, etc, — are being brought to bear. It sometimes

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exciting — renders the diagnosis easy. The prognosis is favorable, and,

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perament. Great religious excitement during the progress of a revival-

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organs congenitally insufficient for new and greater demands for blood

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as lymphadenomatous in nature rather than a simple hyperplasia. The

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considerable increase in the number of nuclei. The protoplasm is not

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and syncopal attacks are sometimes troublesome. The pulse, in conse-

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cervix, as quite likely may be the case, there exists a mechanical

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the head ; if the skin over the joints is involved, their normal flexion and

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The nucleus of this nerve in the floor of the fourth ventricle is in

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hematuria, and a gradually lowered vitality may be met by the use of

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right with considerable frequency, were likely to have movable kidney.

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The new tissue is not uniformly distributed in the cortex, but occurs

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entitleil to more than a brief separate description.

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