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be general or limited to certain parts. But, in most lunatics, sensation
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Cancer a Local Disease. — The evidence for this doctrine has been
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Though the mental condition of these cases is not affected, the
anorexia nervosa is characterized by binge eating followed by purging
the Rheumatic Diathesis," and through it with uterine disorder, is interest-
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The enlargement of the liver is due to hyperemia, swelling of the
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Elements found in the lung in gray hepatization. a. Granular exudation-corpuscles and free oil ;
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stance from the dead tissue by chemical means : the poison of lead,
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jaundice becomes an accompanying feature. The duration of this variety of
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land, of Philadelphia; third vice-president. Dr. H. P. Ritchie,
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localized thinning of liver tissue with reduction of the
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century, there remains an item of consolation in the con-
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organs containing much fluid, like the heart, liver, spleen, the alimentary
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•which have been drawn between py;emia and septicaemia, the one generally
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or, as he termed them, the x-rays, is their ability to
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rial fevers of hot countries, being under different climatic conditions,
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fracture is reached, when the elevation may be effected; if