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given instead in doses of ^ss grain in a pill. Potassium bromide is
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home and remained well during the remainder of the year. In May, 1913,
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explain some of the nervous lesions of this disease.
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bitis and the thrombosis were caused by the infiltration of the pus-
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mouth-susceptible biotypes, intestine-susceptible biotypes, nerve-sus-
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color may interfere with the determination. With such specimens the
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textured condition is exceptional and is similar to that which is pro-
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transmission could not have been intelligently adopted in these institu-
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therefore, if fatty heart, strictly speaking, is still entitled to a sepa-
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with its stimulating effect on metabolism brought about retention of
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Summary of Case. — In an adult man, without previous signs of
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plasma chlorids in this group seemed to indicate that the chlorids are
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proteins was fed in a series of more than seventy metabolic experi-
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as do the constituents of the nitrogen partition in protein metabolism.
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structure has now changed color. It is more of a yellowish or ash} r
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tions being communicated to the trachea, and thence directly by the
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gated into the left auricular appendix, which in certain cases winds
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Aneurysms situated just above the semilunar valves in the ascend-
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exsected, it will be found that the heart which beats more quickly
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should be used in the quantity of three to four pints a day. The
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digested and eliminated as nitrogen and glucose within twelve hours
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sant: Aletris farinosa, Pulsatilla pratensis, Scrophularia nodosa and
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mentioned a case by Morrison (Transactions of the Pathological So-
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vations were made on 100 different cases which represented thirty types
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the smooth muscle of arteries the kidneys of a number of dogs were
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from the Brompton Consumption Hospital, are confirmatory of my
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the manifestations of pellagra had disappeared, she was taken home on the
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been found in the lungs. In one case Boyce and Beadles 36 describe
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there may be in some cases a disposition induced by this treatment
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activity and so be able to carry on the functions of the original
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Sir A. C. Eamsay (Stanford) — and carefully note each physical
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to digitalis (slowing of rate, lessening of arrhythmia, change in form and Q
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nose closed. When the patient stands and during expiration the
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Willett: St. Bartholomew's Hospital Reports, London, 1894.
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Case 5 (P. B. B. H., Med. No. 4404). — A woman, aged 60, was given a
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was wrapped up and, in the first experiments, allowed to stand exactly
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a sphygmogram of the radial pulse indicated by its anacrotic bend
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15 c.c. On the day following the patient excreted 15.75 gm. glucose, on
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cases the vegetations of endocarditis may be found deposited upon
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month. Delivery should then be as rapid as possible, but hemor-
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the systole and the flush is increased at the borders. The systolic
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eration was seen, being apparently postmortem changes. Throughout were many
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the distribution of other diseases over the same area, and of the
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phenolsulphonephthalein 0; before alkali; RpH 7.4; plasma
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through the feces, which in Period 1 contained 97.8 per cent. Urinary
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fixation in the percentage concentration of the sodium chlorid, with a
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shown by the following facts. When a heathy family emigrates into
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and a return to the preoperative balance after one month.