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be administered with satisfactory results, but it should be given with the
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lobar pneumonia a paratyphoid organism was obtained in pure culture. It
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mum temperature in 4 instances was 105°, in 22 it was 104°, in 55 it was 103°,
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composed of Drs. Walter Reed, James Carroll, Aristides Agramonte, and
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Liver. — This organ plays little part in an ordinary attack and subjective
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lung tissue is unusual, the stage of red hepatization is short, and the tendency
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Acute Glossitis, — This is rare and occurred only once in this series at
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smallpox with exanthem and Avith nuclear bodies. Inoculation from the
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vibrio, is pathogenic for man. There are all degrees of transition between
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ments, providing the critic does not insist that the following considerations
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of mallein, and lie bases his opinion on the failure of such
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eruption in areas of h}-peraemia produced by a mustard plaster or iodine.
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"From 1892 until the time of his death he was Resident
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another species gives rise in the blood of immunized animals to a specific
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of the toxin of the dysentery bacilli. Nausea and vomiting are also often
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meteorological influences. His conclusions are as follows:
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clamorous relatives insist that something be done, it is far better to give a
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metallic tube. Trousseau, the father of modern tracheotomy, had remark-
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more rapid, probably is dicrotic, shows the soft quality so often present in
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sometimes a marked change in the pulse about the time of a hemorrhage.
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reported cholecystitis, duodenitis and catarrh of the smaller bile ducts.
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sink into the characteristic typhoid state, the pulse becomes rapid and weak,
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are preceded by syphilis in almost seventy-five per cent, of all
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to make a positive diagnosis of perforation. An acute abdominal com-
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The chief characteristics of the microorganism are: It is a small micro-
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horse in quite hot water, sufficient to reach up to or above
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peritonitis. With the latter condition present the chances are always much
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onward the belief has been slowly gaining ground that acute rheumatism is a
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suds and water ; or painting the skin, under the blistered
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also Leichtenstern, have reported on 24, 16, and 4 cases, respectively, treated
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is a question of importance upon which there is anything but
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and diphtheritic; the wall was as thick as the colon. The Peyer's patches
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to another important factor to see if it may contribute to
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