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It shall annually present a written class report to the House of Delegates.

Tliompson, Honorary Secretary to the Irish Graduates Association, asking of tnat notice of a meeting to be held at half-past five, on Wednesday, August nth, might be included in the notices of meetings in the I )aily Journal of the Annual Meeting.

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These beds negroes slept in every night; and, indeed, day and night his brother, a younger man, convalescing from pneumonia, occupied a bed in six or eight feet of him: besides, several children were every morning taken to the room he was in, to be taken care of during the day, by his mother, an old woman (adults). It does not in cause tossing about, fainting or vomiting, and is improved by the recumbent posture. It is impossible to recognise anyone at buy more than a yard's distance. Of parts destroyed, spray as in woundsj cicatrices, etc. It was invariably stated that white mcg mice were immune. In a propagation of side small-pox on the continent in this way; and Dr.

In addition to the greater success of external pressure, demonstrated by its affording prompt relief in cases where all or india most of the other means recommended in the books had been unsuccessfully tried, there is another thing in its favor of great importance. In regard to sustaining those who make a specialty of this branch of therapeutics, perhaps I may be permitted drug to say a word. Results are advantageous by mechanically rendering the whole canal of the urethra and the inflamed surface, without injury coupon to it, free from the discharge that may produce additional foci for deeper infection, from stimulating the circulation by the heat and friction.

Such certificates have nothing whatever to do with the medical treatment, and need not, in fact ought not, to coupons be given THE PILGRIMAGE AND THE PLAGUE.