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far advanced as to be eminently useful to the practitioner. They
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authority with whom the decision rests, according to the
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through the natural openings or through an incision made for
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that ether was the safer anaE'-sthetic for operations on the respiratory
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circulation. The blood, being driven from the surface, must accumulate
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Hospital ; Honorary Visiting Physician to the Kelling Open-air Sani-
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into the rectum might excite .secretion by the gastric
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that ether possessed many advantages over chloroform,
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no longer act upon the mind, and the body rests in death.
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destroys many materials. Boiling water quickly kills all
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am sure we are taking a step backward if we adopt his position. If we op-
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solid or liquid, are weighed, and it is understood that weight is
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9. General Counsel Memorandum 39862 (21 November 1991).
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Surgeons; Visiting Surgeon City and County Hospital; Con-
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morning she was awakened with a dull pain in the right side
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tissue regularly arranged. As the latter tissue was very vascu-
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subject to palpitation, to coldness of the extremities, and experiences want
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noticed that his imposing figure was bending to the weight of years,
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the effect of inducing atrophy in the tissue which it transmits to a
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cation of poisons, it may be sufficient to observe, that
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ing the temperature is as a rule normal or only slightly subnormal ; in
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meningitis may be hemorrhagic, the hemorrhages occurring
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atrioventricular conduction system and accessory path-
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burning and pricking sensations in the affected skin. The skin is red-
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of age, and the incalculable benefit it would be in commercial,
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