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is obstinate diarrhoea.' In most cases there is intense pain in the joints,
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in the carotids as in anosmia, but the venous hum in the neck, though not
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dry and wiry, the nails brittle, and the ]3erspiration strong and offensive.
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the protective value of the serum present. In rabbits it was found
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often desquamates in patches. As a result of long-continued anaemia a
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drops of Samaritan Nervine in his coffee. She did so,
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and their recovery was rapid and uninterrupted ; in the forceps case
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catarrh of, redness of ; prurigo ; psoriasis ; skin affections generally ; tra-
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the death of many and temporarily inhibiting the growth of others;
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are in direct connection with the cells. Psammomata usually develop
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cerebral hypersemia. Kectal and urethral colics, bronchial spasms, and
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either that the serum has destroyed the spirochetes in the circulating
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not sufficient even of the commonest food, to supply their necessi-
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wirksamen Korper im Blutserum von choleraimmunen Tieren, Centr.
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north of west. Three days were clear, twenty-one variable, and
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died of intestinal catarrh in 13 weeks, and the latter died in 16 weeks. They
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ventricle, injuries to the spinal cord, violent emotions, have all apparently
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sist for long periods. Other cases of chronic alcoholismus develop chronic
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8th year; ever since has been unwell during the winter; contracted pneumonia
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lung, while a slight dull sound has developed at the apex of the left lung and
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ture I 112 9 , Which Had Received 6 Serum Treatments and 2
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and nervine sedatives — assafcetida excites the whole nervous system
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splanchnic supply in the second cat is definitely diminished.
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infection and immunity must play a part in the production of the
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skin, which is harsh and dry, is generally the seat of furuncles, carbuncles,
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Thus far no specific treatment for leprosy has been discovered, and
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bacilli. We had not observed any irregularities in the strain until
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Experiment 6 (Table VI) showed that neosalvarsan is more active
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a very material decline in the numbei- of deaths, but
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from tumors, etc., may cause sciatica, but in tlic majority of instances tho
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the cutT" — ^"^ A good suggestion," I replied, and immediately applied
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brought fully under its influence, without regard to the stage of the
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and reduction processes occurring in the neighborhood of the bac-
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asleep; on the next morning a slight hoarseness alone remained,
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boards are setting high their standards of qualifications.
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Cases in Which Cyanocuprol Produced Some Improvement.
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who had been vaccinated in infancy, and had had varioloid when
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in pneumonia and that hearts from dogs dead of this disease con-
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some cases there are no symptoms ; patients die of other diseases and
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ture of the fluids passing through the two organs was practically
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illustration of the value of this remedy* under circumstances where
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March. Then there was decline. In the week ending 11th
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houi-s during any one night. She was restless but had no special
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radical error in our habits of living, or some peculiarly noxious in-