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siderable variety of stains to sections of the lesions described, but have

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of the coronary arteries, and in some cases fortuitous deposits have

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pellagra. She died in 1889, the assigned cause of death being cancer

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spleen, liver and pancreas ; blastomycotic abscesses, cervical, pulmonary and

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goodly volume. So far as my materials testify, good teeth in France go

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the phenomena of their interaction. Otherwise it seems to me they

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treatments with salvarsanized serum was marked in all cases; those

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cell count. The only physical sign which was changed in these cases

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Strubing relates the history of a case of his own in connection

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of the experiments showing an increased tone. At best, the change in

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for all those with onset previous to 1908, is shown in detail in Table

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teins, fats, and carbohydrates, according to the acknowledged dietary

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filled with dark, partly fluid, partly coagulated blood. On withdraw-

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employed as previously, with satisfactory results. It could thus be

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amounts to exert any obvious influence on the glucose yielded by the

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specimen of typically chylous urine was passed two or three hours

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Summary of Protocol in Table 2 : It is evident that three or four

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in Table 20, for whom further record is available, and the fifteen sur-

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hydroxid, sodium phosphate causes the inactivation of aqueous pepsin

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heart was very extensively involved, the condition being apparently

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distended. The veins on the right side of the neck were normal.

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with a color value of 1 to 1,000 were injected into the femoral vein immediately

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Aschoff, Pappenheim, Kiyono and others similarly see distinct

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of columns beginning at the left give the amount of urine, sodium chlorid and

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inferior mesenteric had become dwindled to such degree that its cali-

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in 1914 we added eighty-four to this number, making a total of 251

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the blood through the contracted orifice, just at the end of the dias-

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with in the subjects of syphilis differ in many points from the athe-

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on the carbon dioxid content of the blood in animals and in man, by

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She was given six doses of salvarsan and five intraspinal treatments with

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Warner's case there was also paresis of the facial and trigeminal

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of six months. The values are quite uniform (Table 3).

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covered upon autopsy rupture of the tendons of the mitral valve.

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any objective perception of conditions of momentary duration

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pital during a period of ten years that a contracted mitral orifice is

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147. Muller: Deutsches Archiv fur klinische Medicin, li., 1893.